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Underwriting Workshop

Location: Temecula, Ca

The Private Lenders Underwriting Blueprint

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This is the Perfect event for any investor wanting to deploy their funds on a project, A new investor wanting to learn how to correctly underwrite a project  or someone looking for the blueprint to getting 100% funding on their own deal in California.

The Private Lenders Underwriting Blueprint- A “Hands-On” Workshop, in Temecula, Ca. [Typically once a quarter.] 

This workshop is a one day in-Depth look at our system and how to mitigate risk by our Unique way of underwriting every deal.

You can make more on EVERY deal by learning the secrets to underwriting from Recognized Industry Experts who have deployed over 100 million dollars on Real Estate Projects. Whether you are the lender or borrower we can help increase your ROI on every deal by structuring it better, Leveraging more effectively and protecting your profit!

We are PULLING BACK THE CURTAIN so we can give you the confidence to invest and change your future!  We Have the TOP underwriters in the country that are sharing their SECRETS!

“This workshop is only for those who are looking to PUNCH A HOLE in their current income ceiling through Real Estate Investing.” – Pete Asmus- Owns 4 of the top 5 Real Estate Groups on Linkedin (Over 400k investors)

Workshop Schedule 9:30-3:00:

930 -10:30 am Intro: Outline of day, intro to speakers and how to get the most out of it.

  • We all introduce ourselves and then we breakdown the agenda for the day

10:30 – 11 am Basic 101: Terms, Structure and Foundation

  • We breakdown our system, what Joint Venture means and how it works.

11- 12 pm Batter Up: Step ONE- Documents, Research and Ninja Moves

  • Ryan and Ivan go into STEP ONE of underwriting, RESEARCH.  Ryan and Ivan go into detail the steps they take when opening up a deal for the first time.  What research do they do.
    11-12pm Turning up the heat: How to analyze like a Hedge Fund

12-1pm LUNCH

  • 75 min for Lunch. Plenty of food locations close [vegan and vegetarian as well]

1-2pm Farming for Gold: Underwriting Q and A- Ask Us Anything About:

  • Hard-Money lending fees, structure, opportunity
  • How-to-Figure Construction Costs
  • How to Raise Private Money
  • Aggregating Capital
  • Market or Deal Analysis
  • Document and Deal Structuring

2-3:00 Putting it all together: Putting all the information together to underwrite the Current Opportunities we have.

  • In this last section of the day we will show you how when you put all the information together you have an incredible view into the risk vs. reward of a project within minutes.
  • We will have current opportunties we are securing funding for and you will have the ability to get involved in one if it fits your investing criteria and model.

This Workshop will be a hands ON approach so be prepared to engage with us!!  This isn’t your average workshop.  We aren’t sitting or standing in front of you for hours just giving you theory and possibilities.

We are going to show you EXACTLY what you need to do to Underwrite deals for low risk/high yield projects AND THEN put those opportunities RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! 

So if you are ready to take your investing to the next level and start taking your future and investments seriously then sign up now for our next workshop.  These are typically once a quarter.  Don’t miss out on the next one!!

We aren’t up-selling anything at this event.

We are simply showing you what we do and how you can copy it or leverage off it.  We will also have opportunities you can get involved in.

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If you want first and see what we are doing and why what we are doing may be a great idea for you!

IF you want to find out more about this workshop click the link below and watch our Video about it!

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"Good Information, gets deep into the details of what exactly a Lender needs to approve a loan. Love the course (Private Lender’s Underwriting Workshop) and the insight from all the speakers!"

Ivan Lomeli, Ca July 26, 2016

Here’s What Other People Are Saying:

“Pete Asmus’ Private Lender’s Underwriting Workshop w/ Ryan J. Garland and Ivan Oberon has been very helpful. It helped me UNDERSTAND the underwriting process and what to look for when I receive a proposed deal. It has also sparked ideas on the opportunities I can pursue and future opportunities that develop in my area.”

-Brad M. Salt Lake City, Ut.

“Pete’s course today, Private Lender’s Underwriting Workshop, gave me real actionable information to take action on Monday with. In a world full of “Gurus” just looking for Mastermind fees it is refreshing to find people looking for real partners. Their underwriting model will reduce risk and give a good return. I liked that we went through Deals, both good AND Bad.”

-Steve H. Irvine, Ca.

“I came to Pete Asmus’ Private Lender’s Underwriting Workshop to sharpen gap funding investment deals and avoid common pitfalls. Great Workshop!! I highly recommend it to investors irrespective of their level of experience. Now I can sleep better at night!”


Angel M. San Diego, Ca.


Why you would want to attend:

learn the exact secrets INDUSTRY LEADERS and TOP UNDERWRITERS employ when underwriting Investments for themselves. With Over a Billion in funding, we know a thing or two about structure, stamina and success.


Get them FIGHTING for YOUR Deals

The New Investor

If you are a new investor and want to get actual 100% financing and don’t know how to actually get it. Here is the Elementry Step-By-Step Guide to getting 100% financing, from how to structure the deal to how to present it to investors to get them to not just say yes but- FIGHT FOR YOUR DEAL!


Analyze your deals for REAL Profit

The Private Lender

If you are a Private Lender looking to deploy capital on deals and your sources are drying up or you’re tired of always choosing the wrong deals to get involved in, then THIS IS YOUR ANSWER! This course will show you EXACTLY how to analyze your deals and what markers to look for.


Plug-in to get UNbelievable Results

Executive/Professional/Business Person

If you LOVE what you do, this workshop is essential to you. It’s just enough information so your investing can be extremely effective. When leaving this workshop you will have an incredible amount of knowledge about how you can plug into this system to get Unbelievable Results.

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