Our Mission is to inspire Investors, collaborate on ideas and joint venture on incredible opportunities to get extraordinary results together.

I’m Pete Asmus and with my partners  we have together spent the last 15 years learning, teaching, speaking and searching for the perfect system for ourselves and that would allow us to offer the same opportunity to our friends and other investors just like you. During our pursuit of this system, we encountered many challenges and successes. Through it all, we made connections and built KEY relationships with the top Deal Makers, Operators and Resources in the industry. “In the end, my Goal is creating the first sustainable Turnkey System that actually does what I believe everyone else wanted to facilitate.”

We understand that if we truly want to grow at a rapid rate we need to help investors who want to grow THEIR business by offering excellent investment opportunities. We know a confused mind says ‘no’, so we wanted to create solutions to help more investors understand the process thereby allowing them to say ‘yes!’

We take a Unique Approach to get our client’s Extraordinary Results.

First, we assumed that our “target audience” or investors are smart, take action and are looking for someone they can build a portfolio with. Our Investors are Action Based Thinkers, Entrepreneurs, and Successful Professionals / Executives; they are also investors themselves who are tired of chasing the ball. [The reality is] the more we dug in the more we realized our Investors were simply looking for a Great relationship with someone that could offer opportunities, so they can feel good about doing something to improve their future while continuing to do what they enjoy doing.

Second, we realized the people we were looking for were normal everyday people who just wanted a REAL solution to cash flow and building a legacy for their families. So that’s what we became the best at, we wanted to be the ULTIMATE TURNKEY SYSTEM. We focused on [honing down our skill set] to concentrate on just ONE THING and that is being the Perfect solution to that segment of investors. Because of our efforts in our previous endeavors we realized that we can’t help everyone and be effective; all that ends up happening is a lot of busy work with no real results to speak of.

Third, we choose two demographics to Focus on realizing there would be some halo effect. Our focus group were People who had some resources to pull from, (whether it was savings, 1031 Exchange, a retirement account or stocks and bonds) and who wanted to invest in Strong Systems. From short term Joint Venture Flips to long term Cashflow [Multi-Generational Wealth Building] Opportunities.

“In simple terms our Client is someone who wants to build a better life by leveraging a Proven System, powered by successful entrepreneurs, thereby allowing them the ability to enjoy what they wanted to do with their life and time.”

About Us