This week we are talking about Creating URGENCY-Using NLP to Access your Power of ChoiceThis is Chapter 9 of Questions are the KEY 2 Unlocking Your Reality™.  This is a weekly content based webinar to help you build and grow what ever aspect of your life you are improving! In order to Succeed you need a Plan. In tonights episode we talk about how to focus on the right perspective, to insure you are in that “right” mindset and what to do if you aren’t.  This is the Essence of this book.  The Questions to ask to get in the right mindset in minutes to capture opportunities!  This episode is Incredible it’s absolutely PACKED with Actionable Information!

2015 is HERE and it’s time for you to take your life to the NEXT level!  So in this series Pete Asmus will go over how to envision, create and most important KEEP your ultimate success!    This is Pete’s first book,  Force Your Dreams into Reality (

Main points of this Webinar

Pete Asmus goes over the first part in this series. The main focus of this section is Communicating your way to SUCCESSHow to Get what you want by ASKING This is the 9th chapter in his second book, Questions are the KEY 2 Unlocking Your Reality™

Chapter 9: How Create URGENCY right NOW! 

  • We will Create URGENCY right NOW with NLP!
  • How can I use NLP to help ME?
  • How can I use NLP to Communicate with others?

The words That IMPACT your Daily LIFE How does it effect your Outside world? How can you work with your communication to achieve your Goals and Dreams? We also talked about our Movement gomakeSOMETHINGhappen. Get your Stickers, Wristbands or Keychains HERE