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What about Business Lines of Credit at 0% for the first year!

I just wanted to personally reach out and let you know about this program we have on 0% (ZERO PERCENT) Funding for Business Lines of Credit for the first year!

We just closed a deal using this funding method! Our investor will essentially be getting an infinite return! He only had 40k in a 401k to bring to the table and then because of this program, he was able to get access to another 160K. If you have been wanting to invest with us or on your own but needed access to more capital this may be your solution.

I was introduced to this company that said they get lines of credit. I did some research and had a couple test cases. If you have a strong credit (normally 700+) and don’t have a ton of inquiries, we have a program to get you from 5-250k @0% for the first year on business lines of credit you may qualify for? So far this year we have had 15 INVESTORS QUALIFY for over $100k at 0% each!!

The ones who didn’t qualify took their credit reports to and are getting their credit repaired using their specific algorithm they created for the Lending Industry. Make sure you tell Chad you are part of Pete’s Network for a special gift from him! I take care of my investors!

The goal is to MEET YOUR FUNDING NEEDS TODAY and help you prepare for the future.

With a strategic plan, it is possible to obtain an 80 Paydex (800 FICO equivalent) credit rating for your company within just one year. However, waiting a year to get working capital just isn’t practical. Therefore, we address this immediate need with Working Capital Credit Lines and use the business owner’s credit to jump start the process. So far in the last week since I started this I’ve had FIVE INVESTORS QUALIFY for over $100k at 0% each!!

If you don’t have above a 720 you can go to and get on the road to recovery and achievement.