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F7 webinar series- Cutting Through your Fear- J2S Ep 99- SUNDAY 2016-01-31

This is a weekly content based webinar to help you build and grow what ever aspect of your life you are improving! In order to Succeed you need a Plan.

2016 is HERE and it’s time for you to take your life to the NEXT level!  So in this series Pete Asmus will go over how to envision, create and most important KEEP your ultimate success!

F7 Series -Forging Your DESTiNY-

This is a 7 part series focusing on everything from MINDSET to Action Steps.  We will go over everything you need to create an incredible foundation and to FORGE Your #DESTiNY.  This series Pete Asmus will help you decider the clues in your life and situations that are there right now.  This will enable you to see and understand the difference between ones that are MEANINGFUL VS. ones that are MEANINGLESS!

Main points of this Webinar

In this episode, we discuss:

1Cutting Through your Fear– deciding on a destination and becoming the person who can complete it.  Just because you don’t have the resources, knowledge or experience to accomplish your goals right now that OK!  Pick them up along the way.

Sit back and get ready to take off!