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Simple Acquisitions LP, a Wyoming company, is arranging for the acquisition of undivided real estate interests in the above property by a limited number of accredited and/or qualified Simple Acquisitions’clients. The Total Purchase Price is $1,156,500.

Saddlebrook Ln apartments is a 40 unit complex that offers a value add opportunity and is well situated in Louisville, Kentucky.

The property is located on approximately .8acres of land and is ideally situated between Cane Run Rd and Dixie Hwy which provides over50,000 diversified jobs that cater to this asset’s tenant base. This Package contains available information received from the current owner, relating to the property location, description, broker’s information sheet, rent rolls, budget, projected returns, investment strategies and risk factors (ending inspection reports to be sent to all qualified investors). This package also contains an independent appraisal from one of the top property management firms in the market. Though information has been secured from sources that appear to be reliable, no representation by Simple Acquisitions LP, either expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of any information on this property. All information contained herein is further subjectto correction, modification, or withdrawal without further notice.

Currently property is being self-managed, and is in need of some repositioning. Our game plan it to have one of the premiere management companies in the market operate this asset. They will begin with getting market rents for all of the units, and with our injection of changes and our introduction of on-site laundry, renovation of the unit interiorswill push the market rents up. Combine that with some management efficiencies, such as low flush toilets and high efficiency boilers will help diminish our costs and increase our NOI.

This market is perfectly positioned to help us capture the gains from this asset, there is currently an enormous shortage of apartments and lots of new jobs that are coming to the area that will help us keep these units filled and hopefully CAP rates will continue to compress in the market making this an excellent hold.

Here are the numbers.

ARV: $1,300,000

Purchase Payoff: $925,200

Renovations: $170,000 included in the 1st mortgage

Projected Profit: $439,354

Total JV Investment Amount: $335,000

(Minimum Investment Amount is $50,000)

Investors Share of the Profit: 75% of projected profit = $329,515!

Projected ROI is 24.5%/year for the approximate 5 year hold! And a portion of those returns are tax free since we will depreciate the asset during the hold period.

Creating Investment Opportunities in Strong Markets For the Love of Real Estate
There is no better feeling than knowing you’ve positively impacted someone’s life.

Simple Acquisitions, LP is a financial services syndication company that partners with private money investors to acquire multi-family properties in strong rental markets in the USA.

men-image-marcMarc Dupuis is a general partner of Simple Acquisitions and has been involved in various aspects of real estate for over 20 years. Ever since he purchased his first house at he was hooked. Several decades later he now devotes his career to it and has added investor, property manager, builder,developer and syndicator to his resume of accomplishments.

Marc manages the acquisition activities for Simple Acquisitions. He performs the complex underwriting requirements and creates strategic alliances with financial institutions, property managers, brokers and all the essential power team members on a daily basis. Even in this highly electronic and impersonal age, Marc makes it a priority to physically meet and develop quality and trusting relationships with everyone that he works with.

Marc has an innate ability to see the end result when many cannot. Perhaps it’s his past experience as a business analyst His attention to detailis one of his greatest attributes and he’s known for brining all the necessary resources together to achieve the desired goals.

Amanda Crowther is a general partner of Simple Acquisitions, LP. Shehas 25 years of experience in customer service, finance, procurement and contracting. Amanda is a late bloomer in the real estate investing world compared to her partner Marc. However, she is living proof that it is never too late to build wealth with real estate. She has invested in Canadian real estate since 2008 and has been involved with U.S. real estate investment companies since 2012.

Amanda is a stickler for details, processes, and all things organizational. She’s affectionately known as the “neat freak”. She manages the day to day operations of the company, and oversees all financial and contractual requirements. Amanda also works closely with the company’s valued investors to ensure they are well cared for. Amanda has her feet firmly on the ground managing the business which lets Marc do what he does best – find those amazing and creative investment opportunities.

Marc and Amanda both enjoy volunteering and giving back. Amanda believes that “there is no better feeling than knowing you’ve positively impacted someone’s life.” Marc and Amanda have plans to create an affordable housing initiative in the near future. They live full time in their 40 foot RV which shows their dedication to being on the ground and be active with their investment and charitable projects.

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Alltrade Property Management, based in Louisville, KY, was founded onApril 1, 2005. The company now manages singlefamilyhomes, multifamilycommunities, and commercial spaces across four states, including Easternand Central Kentucky, Southern Indiana, Peoria, Illinois, and Durham, NorthCarolina.

Our clients are always our number one priority. To that end, as a fullserviceproperty management firm, we have structured our company tohandle all of your investment real estate needs, maximize your rentalincome, and maintain your property’s appearance and condition as if itwere our own.

At Alltrade, we recognize that no two properties are the same; that’s why weprovide solutions that are catered to the unique needs of each asset and thedesires of each of our clients. With our depth of experience and resources,we are committed to providing unique solutions to your unique situations.

Advisor, Simple Acquisitions also has access to a couple of advisors who each own several multi-family communities of their own, totaling several hundred units. Advisors gives us access to needed resources and expertise if and when required.