3901 Freshwind Cir, Westlake Village, CA 91361

Fantastic corner lot location ON the island in Westlake Village!

This is an off market opportunity that this repeat, very seasoned borrower has spent the last month trying to acquire.

The borrower has funded the first part of the transaction now and we simple need to come in to cover the balance of fees and construction.

The island in Westlake Village is an amazing place and the values are booming. This group purchased a home on the island in 2015 at 1465 Eastwind Circle, which they paid $1,340,000.00 for.  They sold this property at a record number of $850 a square foot/$2,150,000.00.

The subject home is currently 2500 square feet and the plan is to take the home to 4800 square feet.

This borrower utilizes Van Parys Architecture and Design on all of their projects and they help with their plans and design work. Van Parys is HIGHLY respected and sought after by both buyers and developers.


Please check out the following link and read the article about Van Parys.

This article is about the home on 1465 Eastwind Circle that the borrower, BCH Enterprises renovated and sold.

The Article starts on Page 76.

Project Timeline is 12-14 months.

First 60 days:  Architectural designs, plans, structural, permitting, and demo complete.

Construction will take 7-8 months.

His last project on the island sold before construction was complete.

Here are the numbers.

ARV: $3,200,000 – Appraisal came in higher but square footage will be 4,300 with a realistic exit value of $3.2M Purchase
Price: $1,450,000
Renovations: $697,000
Projected Profit: $689,675
Total JV Investment Amount: $500,000

(Minimum Investment Amount is $50,000)

Investors Share of the profits is 50/50 or $344,838

ROI projected to you by borrower is 69% in 17-8 months!

One of the best parts is this borrower also has $45,000 of his own money in this deal with you!

Hurry, this offering will not last long! Don’t miss out!

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