4180 Dequesne Ave 4 – Unit Luxury Condo

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Come partner with one of Beverly Hills most sought after developers in this beautiful 4 unit Luxury Condo Project.

This project is 100% shovel ready with RTI permits.  Total projected timeline for the project beginning to sale is 15-18 months.

Plans designed by architectural firm, Aero Collective for 4 stunning contemporary town homes.  With a total of approximately 6600 sq ft of living space between them, each unit is carefully designed with an open floor plan, 10’ high ceilings and large windows for natural light to shine through.  Additional notable features include spacious living areas, subterranean 2-car garages, and private rooftop lounges.  As an affordable, ethnically diverse neighborhood less than five miles to the beach or to Beverly Hills, 4180 Duquesne Ave is located at the heart of LA’s hottest area, Culver City.
Each condo will also boast the Delos Well Living Standard certification.

The “Well Living Building Standard” is available for the first time for residential homes and it can only be provided by Delos. Based on years of research from the leading health scientists in the world including the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and Harvard, ‘Delos Well Premier Home’ has developed a solution to make homes healthier while delivering daily therapeutic benefits. Our trademarked life-extending systems prevent disease and provide a healthier living environment in the home.

All Delos systems are self-monitoring, responsive to environmental changes and operate using a state-of-the-art technological system, which runs 24/7.


  1. Circadian Day by DelosTM — patented natural lighting system to balance serotonin, melatonin and other hormones crucial to our health, alertness and rejuvenating sleep.
  2. Air Purification by DelosTM — exclusive purification system cleanses the air as it enters the home and monitors and re-purifies air quality via exclusive technology 24/7.
  3. Water Purification by Delos – multi-stage process purifies water as it enters the home and again at each tap to remove chlorine, harmful chemicals and all impurities to the absolute highest standards.
  4. Comfort by DelosTM – flooring and built-in features designed to support posture, ease of body movement, minimize impact & stress for greater comfort and health.

Our developers, Jay Belson Luxury Development, one of the most successful brokers in Beverly Hills having sold his brokerage with over 500 agents, and highly respected Luxury Developer (http://jaybelson.com/) and his partner, John Finton, an award winning developer who has developed more Luxury Real Estate than any other developer in Beverly Hills, (http://www.finton.com/) have the exclusive contract with Delos and Jay Belson Luxury Development will be our borrower developing this home.

Here are the numbers. More detail can be found in the full deal presentation.

ARV: $6,000,000
Purchase Price: $1,800,000
Construction: $1,724,500
Projected Profit: $1,655,000
Total JV Investment Amount: $1,400,000

Investors Share of the Profit: 50% of projected profit = $827,500!

Projected ROI is 59% in approximately 14-18months!