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Pete Asmus



Pete Asmus is an Entrepreneur, Investor, Marketing & Branding Expert, Speaker, Author, Father, and Deal Marketing Consultant for Paradyme Funding Inc.

He’s spent the last 10+ years learning, teaching, speaking and searching for the perfect investing system for himself and to be able to offer the same system to investors just like you. Over the years, he has experienced both failures and success and has learned from both. From these experiences, he has made connections and built KEY relationships with the top investors, operators and deal makers in the industry. Because of his connections he was able to create a sustainable Turnkey System that actually does what he believes others wanted or hoped to facilitate.

After PERSONALLY TRAINING with leaders in the industry like Robert Allen, Pete Solaris and Dave Seymour [to name a few], Pete’s real estate knowledge is extensive; encompassing mobile homes to residential real estate, and notes to commercial buildings. Because he’s been investing, teaching, and speaking for years, and has personally trained 1000’s of students for these Industry Experts he has been involved in 1000’s of deals with Millions in Profit. Now it’s YOUR TURN to get THOSE RESULTS from his network, resources and Systems! What he found is that he is OUTSTANDING at Partnering Private Money with projects, getting you to think differently and giving you the resources to take action now!

He also was able to see the biggest problem facing new investors… Feeling comfortable enough to start investing and solved it with the UNDERWRITERS Workshop. Pete is also Editor of Investor Quarterly, an Award winning Radio Host, Author of Force YOUR Dreams into Reality, the QUESTION Factor and Stock Market Refugee; finally he is the Capital Aggregator and Marketing/Branding Expert of Pete has built a database of over 2.5 Million investors and Entrepreneurs, owns the Largest Real Estate Group in the world [Totaling over 575k Investors] and the 4 largest groups on LinkedIn [Totaling over 1M] including the Largest Commercial Group [Along with his database his reach is over 3.5M Investors and Entrepreneurs]

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Ivan Oberon

Chief Deal Maker


Ivan Oberon is a seasoned Real Estate Investor, Certified Speaker, Trainer & Coach, and Award winning Radio Show host, Author (the Stock Market Refugee) family man and Sr. Underwriter for Paradyme Funding Inc.

Ivan began his Real Estate Investing career in Southern California and started flipping houses throughout San Diego County. His business quickly began to flourish because he started with one question in mind; “How can I add value to others?”

Ivan realized that everyone in this business needs money in order to be successful and that investors need better investment vehicles that offer greater security with superior returns. At that moment, Ivan set out to become a magnet for investors and create win/win/win opportunities for his investors, joint venture partners and himself.

Ivan has now been involved in over 300 transactions throughout California, Indianapolis, Atlanta and helps run a successful Turn-Key rental property operation in Kansas City, Missouri. To this day, 100% of his transactions have been completed with private investor funds making him extremely experienced at working with private money.

Ivan is passionately committed to creating lasting financial freedom and providing his investors with the viable resources and opportunity to create an ever-increasing level of wealth. He helps build this value for his investors by consistently producing superior operating results.

Ivan also offers the entrepreneurial world a strong 12-year insurance industry background and he received the Agent of Distinction award during his tenure. This experience only helps the level of underwriting brought to each transaction.

Ivan’s mentors include industry experts such as John Maxwell, Brendon Burchard, Brian Tracy and Tony Robins. He has been featured in Private Lender Magazine, Investor Quarterly Magazine, Community Investor Magazine, Realty 411 Magazine, Bloomberg Radio and Today’s Practice Magazine.

When not working on business development, Ivan enjoys spending time at the gym, personal travel and the outdoors, where he can be found hiking, mountain biking and camping. His most treasured time is the time spent with his family, at the beach or at home.

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Teresa Atwood

Director of Investor Relations


Teresa has more than thirty years’ experience in real estate, including a leadership role for teams of sales professionals. GPSG is a company that matches investors to real estate buyers in need of funding. Teresa is a true believer in finding great projects for the investors she works with that will result in a healthy economic return in as little as 3-6 months.

Teresa has completed numerous sales and management classes and regularly attends professional development seminars. She regularly attends events with the Real Estate Investor Association (REIA). She attends and participates in multiple networking groups that share best practices, provide a forum for new ideas and strategies, and present new investment opportunities.

Mark Hendrickson

Investor Relationships | Construction Management

Mark Hendrickson

Mark Hendrickson, with a long and successful career in construction and construction management since 1975, is the Co-Principal of Global Property Solutions Group (“GPSG”) and one of the owners of the largest real estate networking groups in the world, the Real Estate Networking Group on LinkedIn with more than 570,000 members.

Mark’s work philosophy in the construction industry has always been Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. He brings this same attitude to GPSG, where he professionally evaluates projects for investment potential. Founded in July 2014, GPSG is a company that matches investors to real estate buyers in need of funding on a short term basis for new construction, rehabilitation projects and remodels. Mark is a true believer in finding great projects for the investors he works with that will in some cases result in a healthy economic return in as little as 3-6 months.

He attends and participates in multiple networking groups, including the Real Estate Investor Association (REIA), whose members share best practices, provide a forum for new ideas and strategies, and present new investment opportunities.

Ryan Garland

Deal Sourcing and Structuring advisor


Located in the beautiful Temecula Wine Country, Ryan J. Garland specializes in short-term commercial and residential real estate loans in California. His unique approach to financing with private capital allows speed and flexibility that traditional banking environments cannot provide. Ryan has hand-picked a strong team of individuals with extensive expertise in the real estate investment industry to compliment his diverse background.

Ryan began with four years of Civil Engineering, followed by a position working in subprime with Aegis Lending. Ryan then worked for Pelorus Equity Group where he was the face of the company for four years and their only originator. Following that he worked with Anchor Loans — the largest lender on the West Coast with a staff of 90 and $3.5B in transactions a year. Ryan moved to Legacy Private Funding where he helped build the company from the ground up. He’s also the co-founder of a luxury real estate network for which he’s successfully facilitated ground-up construction and development project funds.

By 2009, Ryan successfully closed 276 Short Sales for Leasebacks, with $33.2M deployed, maintaining a ROI of 76% for over three yrs. In February 2010, they closed 126 short sales and decided to begin private lending on fix-and-flips with his investors’ funds. From 2011-2014, Ryan was the No. 1 private funding originator in the state and 3rd in the nation. They funded more than any other company in California as an originator with their 100% Financing JV program; 1.5 years ahead of any other lender, which allowed him to launch into the luxury market. In 2012 alone, Ryan and his staff of three deployed $140M. From this extensive background, Paradyme Investment Funding was formed. He successfully raised and deployed private funds in excess of $350M in the past 5 years on 1st and 2nd Trust Deeds.

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